• Unique experience and knowledge in the areas of audiovisual, entertainment and publishing

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  • Television

    Over the past three years, bbde has helped seven of the top twelve of the most popular producers of fiction in terms of national audience, all broadcasters combined.

    Since its creation, bbde has contributed to the pre-production of more than 250 hours of made-for-tv-movies, live or animated television series, documentaries and magazines, by assisting nearly sixty television production companies in their strategy, financing and legal issues.

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  • Cinema

    Whether directed by Cédric Klapisch, Hubert Sauper, Mélanie Laurent, Anne Le Ny or Arnaud Viard, more than fifty feature films were produced and managed with the help of bbde.

    The producers who turn to bbde benefit from advisory services focused on strategy and financing, both for their films and their companies, in France and abroad.

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    Hubert Sauper, Mélanie Laurent, Anne Le Ny ou Arnaud Viard

  • Publishing Music Entertainment

    Press groups, publishing houses, music stars and live entertainment troupes have all called upon bbde’s expertise to quickly gain operational knowledge in television and cinema.

    bbde provides privileged access  for selling or acquiring adaptation rights and implantation or diversification studies , but it also offers professionals strategic consulting and financial services in their original area.