Publishing Music Entertainment

bbde aids talent and companies in the publishing, music  and entertainment industries to manage their businesses and their relationships with audiovisual producers and distributors.

Enterprise management

  • Assistance in creating a company: statutes, opening a bank account, business plan
  • Setting up a budget for the structure and projects’ development in order to evaluate the resources needed to cover production and exploitation margins
  • Implementing business management: cash flow plans, budget monitoring, annual results forecasts, profitability analysis

Negotiation of audiovisual agreements

  • Analysing proposed deals and financial evaluation
  • Search for references
  • Preparing proposals and presentation

Monitoring of compliance with audiovisual agreements

  • Control of compliance by producers/distributers of contractual deadlines for submitting operating accounts
  • Audit of submitted operating accounts: amount and nature of the publishing fees, commission rates applied, cashing turnaround, etc.
  • Monitoring billing and cashing of accounts receivable
  • Assisting lawyers during litigation