bbde assists producers with all financial aspects of their companies and productions by adapting to their organisational structure.

Enterprise management

  • Assistance in starting a company: legal form, opening a bank account, business plan
  • Setting up a budget for the structure and for projects’ development in order to evaluate the resources needed to cover production and exploitation margins
  • Implementing business management: cash flow plans, budget monitoring, annual earnings forecasts, profitability analysis

Legal follow-up of productions

  • Revision of the rights chain
  • Monitoring the application of contracts
  • Aiding the work of lawyers in case of litigation
  • Regulatory watch: French and European legislation, labour agreements, international agreements, etc.

Negotiation of talent and production finance

  • Talent: writers, directors, lead actors
  • Clients: TV channels, distributors
  • Partners: co-producers, executive producers, SOFICAs (companies that help individuals invest in films for tax reduction purposes), investment funds, service providers

Request for public and private aid (tax credit, Procirep, Media, Eurimages, etc.)

  • Supervision of aid applications
  • Supervision of financial reports

Financial management of productions

  • Supervision of regulatory procedures: approval requests, production authorisations, visas, etc.
  • Interface between the company’s accounting department and that of the production’s accounting team
  • Negotiating lending conditions with banks
  • Managing the production’s cash flow
  • Control of production accounts

Monitoring the exploitation of productions

  • Ensuring that distributors (or co-producers) are respecting contractual timetables for remitting exploitation accounts
  • Control of exploitation accounts remitted by distributors (or co-producers): amount and nature of the production fees, commission rate applied, speed of cashing, etc.
  • Monitoring the invoicing and receiving the in-coming revenue
  • Monitoring the producer’s CNC (French cinema bureau) account
  • Establishing accounts for all rights holders to the productions
  • Aiding the work of lawyers during litigation