Our values

A set of concrete commitments adhered to by all bbde employees guides the company’s work.

Close collaboration:

  • Each client has a dedicated bbde consultant who is fluent in the client’s past collaboration and the company’s present goals and is integrated in the team and ready to quickly respond to client inquiries.
  • bbde tailors solutions to the specific needs and challenges of each client.
  • Regardless of the length of the collaboration, bbde considers as each client as a long-term partner.


  • bbde’s assignments and compensation are negotiated before the work starts and laid out in a contract.
  • bbde’s rates are proportionate with the activity level of each client.
  • bbde’s assignment can be interrupted at any time, at discretion of the client, if one month’s notice is given.
  • Every bbde assignment on the client’s premises is subject to prior approval and a report is drafted at the conclusion of the assignment.
  • An insurance policy covers bbde during on-site assignments.


  • bbde is committed to sharing the full range of its competencies and experience with each client.
  • When it is mandated to negotiate on behalf of a third party, bbde pledges to always act in the best interest of its clients, seeking balanced and pragmatic agreements.

Wide ranging expertise:

  • The diversity of the companies and the projects on which bbde has worked has enabled it to continuously develop ever-changing expertise and an overall understanding of the audiovisual industry.
  • All of bbde’s consultants have gained experience in the financial, legal and administrative aspects of projects, which means that when they are on-site they are autonomous the majority of the time.
  • Every consultant benefits from the specific knowledge of the other members of the bbde team, which means bbde’s clients benefit, as well.
  • If bbde is not able to resolve certain issues, it can rely on a network of partners with a broad scope of complementary skills and knowledge including certified accountants, statutory auditors, lawyers, tax specialists, insurance companies among others.


  • bbde keeps information confidential that the client would rather keep private.
  • In general, bbde consultants are very discrete regarding information they are privy to, insofar as divulging such information would commercially or personally penalise their clients.