Television / Cinema

bbde assists producers design their overall strategy, combining a long-term development vision for the company and specific action plans tailored to each project.

Business strategy

bbde offer producers a methodology and a structure in which to design, formulate and execute business strategy.

  • Setting business goals: editorial line, growth, profitability, market share, image
  • Analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding goals and its environment
  • Drafting of a strategic plan, both the development script, long-term action plan and internal motivation strategy
  • Drafting a business plan, in order to anticipate financial flows and facilitate fundraising
  • Researching credit solution, commercial alliances, capitalistic partnerships depending on the strategy being used

Production financing strategy

bbde helps producers streamline and optimise the search for financing for their projects.

  • Financing plans:
    • developing financing hypotheses based on the profile of the project, financing options and history of potential financial partners;
    • Comparative study of financing from French and foreign public authorities (tax-shelters, tax-rebate, private equity)
  • Commercialisation: preparation of the sales pitch depending on interlocutors, preparation of commercial resources (results estimations, simulations of exploitation revenues)
  • Seeking and researching co-producers and executive producers in France and elsewhere, using a network that has been developed over the past 13 years and collaboration with over 20 countries.